Sunday, May 13, 2012

Earlier this year (2012) I introduced my own illustration of "omanju neko" - meaning sweet bun kitty because of its body shape like a little bun. These I'm particularly happy with only because it's totally totally from scratch, from the design to the wood piece itself. I buy poplar wood in large pieces, cut them into size and shape using the scroll saw, sand them by machine and by hand, then woodburn the design in, paint and varnish, and finally attached a pin to the back. They are well received at shows so far! A limited number of these pins are currently in my shop for purchase here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I decided to add in my illustrations and so even though I'm still working on various types, I like to get it more focus on one particular style to see how well it gets received. I can't decide which is more interesting and fun to work with - acrylics or watercolor color dyes. Both have their own demanding way of being applied. The illustrations so far have been placed in pendants, under glass. I have illustrations of little 'clover' kids, The Giving Cat, and the little kokeshi kitty. They're all fun to create, and very relaxing.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a new toy

Yes, I know, it's been another year since I posted anything on this blog. Seems like I get caught up in so many other things, the blog is so neglected. I prettied it up but yet don't return to fill it. With a day job, running the household, doing a few side jobs of web design and of course, the crafting, I'm pretty runned down most of the time. I have so many articles, books, other blogs, and magazines I need to catch up and read and study. I need to learn and craft a buyers packet, fix up the studio in the house I bought last November, try to get more involved with the area's crafters and craft shows. Oh and I'm also learning how to garden (just planted some strawberries) from Noel (my SO). I also just got some new toys --my Android and Square Up-- and the reason I got it is because Marcy (Moon's Creations) over in Stuarts Draft posted how she love Square Up, the little credit card-taking device for smartphones. It's a little square that attaches to your smartphone, sign up an account (no cost for sign up) through, and download the app and voila! you are all set for taking credit card orders without any handcranking, dialing-in routine. Caution, though, not all smartphones are compatible with the app. My original Droid Citrus didn't gel with it so I upgraded to the HTC Incredible. There's a list of compatible phones on the website but they also say there are more they haven't listed. I haven't used Square yet, I think I should do a couple of dry runs before my first craft show of the season. If you want to read more about Square Up, Hello Craft writes more about it. (photo credit: Hello Craft)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

displays and more display kokeshi

i'm still not set up permanently so i've ceased doing the hanging ornamental dolls for now because i can't seem to get the hand drill down straight into the head portion of the dolls, even when using a vice. my real drill is in storage, along with other tools and supplies. anyway, the display dolls are actually just as much fun to create.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

valentine girls collection

I have about 10 "Valentine Girls" collection but I don't think I could get them out in time for Valentine's Day if anyone ordered for them. Oh you know the reason: weather. Hopefully, we won't be buried in heaps of snow this week, as we already were over the weekend. The Valentine Girls Collection is so-called because they all have a heart somewhere on them, whether on their kimono or hair, or both.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More and more! These little kokeshi doll displays just came upon the scene. They stand at approximately 2 1/2 inches tall, standing (glued) on a little square. I made 7 of them and three of them - Yasu, Saori, and Aemi - were just listed between yesterday and today.