Saturday, March 26, 2011

a new toy

Yes, I know, it's been another year since I posted anything on this blog. Seems like I get caught up in so many other things, the blog is so neglected. I prettied it up but yet don't return to fill it. With a day job, running the household, doing a few side jobs of web design and of course, the crafting, I'm pretty runned down most of the time. I have so many articles, books, other blogs, and magazines I need to catch up and read and study. I need to learn and craft a buyers packet, fix up the studio in the house I bought last November, try to get more involved with the area's crafters and craft shows. Oh and I'm also learning how to garden (just planted some strawberries) from Noel (my SO). I also just got some new toys --my Android and Square Up-- and the reason I got it is because Marcy (Moon's Creations) over in Stuarts Draft posted how she love Square Up, the little credit card-taking device for smartphones. It's a little square that attaches to your smartphone, sign up an account (no cost for sign up) through, and download the app and voila! you are all set for taking credit card orders without any handcranking, dialing-in routine. Caution, though, not all smartphones are compatible with the app. My original Droid Citrus didn't gel with it so I upgraded to the HTC Incredible. There's a list of compatible phones on the website but they also say there are more they haven't listed. I haven't used Square yet, I think I should do a couple of dry runs before my first craft show of the season. If you want to read more about Square Up, Hello Craft writes more about it. (photo credit: Hello Craft)